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Hi all! Did you see our post about human trafficking? Today we have new post about duty of doing vaccines. If you are going on a long journey you must think about performing a few vaccination which will help you in the case of epidemic.




Risk of infections

June 1st, 2015

Hi! Have you seen our post about rarely butterflies here? Nowadays we are often in contact with a nature. We can fully use everything, in ‘that’ best. But if we have a contact with the animals we can also become infected.


Hello Greenzoners! Are you ready for new post about health? But now we should remember our previous text about adopted animals here. If you are a person made out very well you know that you can be in the group of people about the increased risk of falling ill with a heart attack.


Smoking harms the child!

September 8th, 2014

Hi all Greenzoners! Do you reading our last post about rabbits? If not, just click. Today we have new post for you about harmful smoking and about effects they cause which at children! If you are smoking before the conception of the child a higher probability exists, around your child will fall ill with asthma and can have a serious problem with the respiration.

This way they are establishing the newest researches, therefore better to keep away from cigarettes. According to examinations very much a close relationship exists between burning the parent and appearing at the child of asthma in a young age. On that account parents which are planning pregnancy should not decide for the cigarette smoking or to the child, if aren’t able to resign from them. Asthma is a major disease, for which effects are often underestimated very much. Similarly to smoking by the child. Very much it is easy for illness when you are smoking in his presence, therefore best entirely to resign from this harmful addiction.It is worthwhile knowing when to tell oneself alloy and kicking a habit once and for all in order to be sure that your child will be healthy. Let it will be a warning for all parents which have or are planning the child. It is not only huge air pollution, but above all consequences in the form of the bad child’s health.

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