The rabies virus and his effects!

August 29th, 2014

Hello GZ fans! How are you doin?! Do you remember our post about fashioned houses from recycling components?! If not – just read here. The rabies virus is very serious and is bringing really painful consequences with himself, therefore we should avoid the contact with the animals which can be carriers of such a virus and infect us.


The rabies virus is being moved by biting and very much quickly is attacking the human nervous system and the brain. His action is immediate, therefore very much anybody is rarely imitated to rescue. If the virus will get to the brain it is fatality, which is a rescue missing. Immunological system even if best was prepared for this role perhaps to be weak in the clash with the huge virus. Therefore they are recommending keeping away from animals which can be carriers of this deadly virus. More and more persons are dying after the contact with wild animals which so far lived in bad conditions and could be infected appropriately earlier. It is real danger for the healthy man which after the attack can die.For this reason it is necessary to take conditions of life and hygiene into account, as well as to avoid the contact with the animals about strange behaviours. All wild animals are the huge risk of infection, therefore keeping away from them will be the safest termination.

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