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Do you want to travel alone?

October 1st, 2015

Hi all! Did you saw our post about snakes? Long travels to islands and to exotic countries can be dangerous from various reasons. Threats which you will come across on their road can seem really difficult to defeat.


Dangers: sea animals

July 30th, 2015

Hello all! Can you check our post about plants here?More and more people are deciding on the travel to exotic countries. And you? Do you love sea and sea animals?


All about inscets…

July 16th, 2015

Hello all! Did you read our post here? The generality of people isn’t very fond of insects. Their appearance causes that we feel and we want escaping far far away. Nothing strange.


Hello all! Did you remember our last post about ecology? Did you pin it? If you do this, you can huge chance in our GZBlog Contest! Today we have  news about tsunami! Are your ready for something new?


Hello GZ fans! How are you doin?! Do you remember our post about fashioned houses from recycling components?! If not – just read here. The rabies virus is very serious and is bringing really painful consequences with himself, therefore we should avoid the contact with the animals which can be carriers of such a virus and infect us.



Hi GZ fans! Do you remember post of hummingbirds that we published some days ago? Today it is time to something completely different! To spend so that they can the Mother Nature for people is too often favourable, but it doesn’t mean that all the time for her the safety won’t be endangered. What truth is?

How it is already known the Sun is essential for people to so that they can appropriately live. And if it was probably missing people had in order to very poor chances of the experience. The Sun is huge fuel providing energy for living not only for people, but also for animals inhabiting our planet. Therefore we should use from it like most often, but in border of reason. If we are going for holidays in order to tan we can after the certain time be exposed not only to the radiation which is harmful, but also on of sunburn on the skin which very much it is hard to get rid of. The solar radiation is very harmful in excess, so we should not spend a few hours in the sun. To the truth it is worthwhile sometimes forgiving and to protect oneself from bad consequences which we can very much badly feel in the form of burns, cerebral strokes or other complaints.

According to scientists the Sun is very huge energy fuel, although for people is also harmful. Laying him in the solar system is enough luxurious, that a market isn’t posing a huge threat, but the radiation can have serious effects.

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