The rise of the electric car

July 22nd, 2022

The rise of the electric car seemed a bit slow at first. People quickly wrote it off as something that was too expensive and ‘didn’t work’. Today, however, this has changed. With Tesla leading the market, almost every car brand has now switched. The electric car has become indispensable from society. Moreover, it is expected that it will not be long before there are only electric cars on the road. But why is this the case? - The rise of the electric car

The benefits of the electric car

When we look at the benefits of the electric car, we quickly find that they are compelling. Of course, it is not by chance that they are finally playing a significant role in the car market. They are simply better than the alternatives in a multitude of ways. Especially with regard to the times we live in and the associated problems. The most important benefits of the electric car are the following:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions: An electric car is known to have much lower CO2 emissions than conventional cars. In many cases, up to 60% lower, which makes for a very drastic reduction. On the one hand, the production of an electric car does still pollute. However, it is mainly in the driving itself where the gains are made. An electric car does not burn fuel to drive. It is this process that is normally the most polluting part of conventional cars. So if you choose an electric car, you choose a greener world.

  • Less smog formation: In addition, the use of an electric car also leads to much less production of smog. This is a problem that you especially find in countries like China. There, sometimes the smog makes it impossible to see beyond even a few dozen metres ahead. And it goes without saying that this is also very unhealthy. The rise of the electric car changes this. The chance of smog decreases sharply. An electric car also produces a lot less particulate matter than traditional cars. Particulate matter is traditionally a major contributor to smog.

  • Cheap energy: An electric car runs on electricity. This makes the energy consumption of an electric car quite a bit cheaper than a car running on petrol or diesel. Especially with the recent innovations in solar panels, EV-chargers and wind energy. This makes it cheaper and easier than ever to generate green electricity. Also for people at home. That means you’re going to save substantially on your fuel costs. A nice benefit if you might still be worried about the price of a new car.

  • Home charging possible: Furthermore, for several years now, it has been quite common to charge your electric car at home. Indeed, people increasingly have their own EV-charger at home. This makes it very easy to charge your car at night. That way, you don’t even have to make an effort to get a full battery. Each morning, you will have access to a car that has its full range available. This means you never have to stop to refuel. Alfen EV-chargersare currently doing very well. They are available at ESTG. Do you like to keep up with the times and take advantage of extra benefits? Then it is definitely worth considering purchasing your own EV-charger.

  • Smooth driving experience: Electric car owners overwhelmingly report that it provides a smooth driving experience. For example, an electric car accelerates particularly easily. This is due to the fact that the acceleration is very linear because you do not need to switch gears. This will put an end to the jolting of conventional cars for good. Instead, people opt for the smooth driving experience of the future. The less effort it takes to drive somewhere, the nicer the average person generally finds it.

  • Less noise pollution: Finally, electric cars therefore do not have an internal combustion engine. One of the big advantages this brings is that an electric car makes almost no noise. You can actually only hear the sound of the tyres on the road. This is very pleasant both inside and outside the car. In the end, everyone benefits.

For the reasons mentioned above, the rise of the electric car has been very rapid. And the further development of these cars is still in full swing, so it is expected that this trend will only accelerate. Some countries are even banning the sale of conventional cars in the future. That certainly appears to mark the end of an era.

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