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December 9th, 2011

Greenzoners, have you ever dreamed of getting 700-1000 EEP at one stroke (+ bonus multiplied by the Green Power accounts)? If so, we have a surprise for you. The contest in which you can earn up to 1000 EEP (the Grass account – 1100 EEP, the Tree Account – 1300 EEP, the Sky account – 1500 EEP, the Space account – 2000 EEP) and… surprise 🙂

1. You have to make a film, in which you show what greenzoners you are and how you care for Mother Earth.
For example:
– it may be a film, in which you show, how you think the tree;
– it may be a film, in which you show, how to recycle;
– it may be a film, in which you show a healthy diet;
– it may be a film, in which you show, how you demonstrate opposition to the non-ecology laws;
– it may be a film, in which you show, how to buy cruelty free cosmetics;
– it may be a film, in which you show, how to save energy,
– etc.

2. At the beginning of the movie there must be shown greenzoner picture and information from which country you are.

3. You have to publish film on youtube and send e-mail with link to your film.

The winner will receive 700-1000 EPP (+ bonus EEP, if he/she have a premium account) + he/she win surprise :). The number of EEP depends on the quality of the film.
The winner of each country gets 100 EEP (+ bonus EEP, if you have a premium account).

The end of the contest will be next Sunday (18 Dec). In Monday (19 Dec.) we will choose the winner.

BTW Now you can buy the Green Power Accounts by Paypal 🙂

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18 Responses to “Video Contest”

  1. Timka says:

    I can shoot video as I put the tree, ok? 🙂

  2. Max says:

    cartoons are allowed? 😀

  3. hibara says:

    I did not understand well

  4. Timka says:

    Made a video. Now get on Youtube and throw you a link? 🙂

  5. abdeslam says:

    mi video ya esta publicado en el youtube 😀

  6. Monti says:

    It’d be much cooler, if u cooler, if u could award with eep every participant, not only winners…

  7. CloverSprunk says:

    I think this contest will be the better, if it is summer.

  8. carlo1718 says:

    es muy buen video

  9. ABDESLAM says:

    yo estoy esperando los resultados quiero ganar algo ya de EEP

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