We’ve found sources of issues and fixed them

December 8th, 2011
This week our team fixed 2 problems.

1. Many of you reported problem with connection Grenzoner account to twitter acconut. Our team found source of the issue and fixed it. Now you can safely follow us on twitter and get extra EEP.

2. If you send invitations to a person who never log in, since monday you can just delete those invitations from your account.

Every day we work to make greenzoner better. Every day we work for you.

We will show you another extra contest soon. Stay tuned.

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18 Responses to “We’ve found sources of issues and fixed them”

  1. TURGUT says:

    Why I can’t delete invitation?

  2. pukea says:

    What about Facebook problem?

  3. Timka says:

    Okay, but where are our additional invitations from the last contest? (https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/free-invitations/) 🙂

  4. hibara says:

    Facebook problem……………………..!

    • admin says:

      Hibara, everybody who wrote us about facebook problem, know solution. Bad privacy settings is sources of problem. Write to us and we will send you instruction.

  5. Alonsotwm says:

    wuaoooo father would place another method to collect more eepp…

  6. Max says:

    “EPP” – edit please 🙂

  7. Megabass says:

    is the redemption this day_
    gzDay 575 gzTime 04:00:00 PM – 05:00:00 PM

    because it’s in all those products? 😀 heh heh

  8. Morbius says:

    problems with the weather, I can not press the button … what’s going on? please answer …

  9. bobby says:

    i cannot see the gz day and the gz time and neither my eep is there something wrong with my browser please helllllppppp

  10. saad says:

    hello i write u so much mails but u never replied facebook problem and could not get EEP when freinds sign up on my invitation……??? ;(

  11. bocht says:

    the are a lotof probleme one of this is like in facebook when u did it nothing change never get EEP the the 4EEP when u connect to facebook or twitter never get this poing greenzoner u must fixe that probleme !!!!!!

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