Yellowstone Park

February 22nd, 2016

Yellowstone Park – Wonderland

In the whole world we have a lot of Parks. We were writing about them in posts KAZA – the biggest conservation area in the world and Things you may not know about Venezuela’s falls – The Angel Falls. Let’s  focus on one places that almost everyone want to see – Yellowstone Park. Really big part of people think it’s the most beautiful Park on the Earth. Here are few facts about it. Enjoy!

yellowstone park

If you want to see the wonderland you must visit it. The Yellowstone Park has the biggest aggregation of the world of geysers (almost 50% of the world’s geysers). Actually ,they were the main reason the park get title of national park in 1872. It was not only America’s first national park. It initiated an idea that spread worldwide. There you can see a lot of natural miracle. You can find a mountain wilderness and many animals species like grizzly bears, wolves, and herds of bison. Another amazing thing, Yellowstone Park is one of the last, almost intact ecosystems in the Earth’s temperate zone.

It comprises over 2,200,000 acres of land. The Yellowstone Park has 3,472 square miles. The highest point is Eagle Peak – 11,358 feet, the lowest – Reese Creek 5,282 feet. You can admire it walking through 466 miles of roads. On the other hand, you have to be really brave. Yellowstone Park has an active super volcano! Probably only 30 exist in the world, this one is only object on land.

Yellowstone Park – time bomb?

The scientist have no reason to suspect that an eruption, or even a lava flow, is imminent. Although we should remember, there were few eruption, first one 2.1 million years ago. It was 6 000 times more powerful than eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980s. The volcano spouting rock and ash in every direction from Texas to Canada, Missouri to California. The second one 1.3 million years ago. The biggest one was 640 000 years ago and created the Yellowstone Caldera, which is 30 by 45 miles in size. A lot of scientist says that the next one will be powerful and change  the Earth shape.  We can look at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory to know how it looks like.

Yellowstone Park  Wildlife

In this place you can see so many animals. The biggest mammals in this place is Bison. Don’t panic when you find one of them relaxing on the road. Another one that does not carry about people is Elk. You can see a lot of pictures, where they are just lie on the road. Less friendly are the Bears. In Yellowstone are two species – Grizzly and Black. It has also the largest concentration of wolves in the world. In addition to many wonderful animals, live there endangered animals – bald eagle, grizzly bear, lynx.

I won’t write more about it. Here are pictures so you can see that Yellowstone Park, national park of America is really wonderland.


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