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Hi guys! Today we have for all of you our special edition of quiz!  Are you ready to win some extra goddies? Just try to win this! We have started new edition of our GZEcoQuiz #3.


Hi Green folks! Are you ready for new quiz with great prizes? I hope we are interested in! So this time we preparing special ecology quiz for christmas. It will start by 1 December, so you should preparing to him.



June 11th, 2013

Hi guys!

Finally, after we went through three Eco Riddles, it is time to launch our next big contest!

iphone 5
WELCOME TO THE GZQUIZ! In this contest you will test your reflex and knowledge concerning ecology.
(CLICK!) (more…)

What do you know about Hydroelectric power? 😉

Here is an interesting video about that type of energy. It’s very clean energy and it’s becoming more and more used.
It’s the most significant source of energy and it’s created by moving water.

As before, here’s another EcoRiddle – answer correctly and increase your chances in GzQuiz 😉 (more…)