November 24th, 2014

Hi all! Did you remember our last post about brain here? Today we have for you something different. Every year he has depression million people worldwide. Check some news about depression below!

It very much is not only a major disease which is showing itself with sadness, but also the fact that we aren’t drawing pleasure from our passions, we don’t want to go out and we are giving up everything what at one time was important for us. In order to identify symptoms of depression – isn’t at all with difficulty, the way it seems to us. Above all very much so that we are concentrated on the treatment of depression is essential. Depression causes that we are giving up too quickly and we aren’t able fighting for the own life. So person in depression requires not only the immediate treatment, but also the appropriate audit above the ill person which needs our support in these difficult times.

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  1. fouzi says:

    Depression serious disease requires daily treatment and follow-up

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