Do you want an invitation?

October 18th, 2013

Hi guys,

we will have soon such an amazing contest in GreenZoners’ world, that we want to give you an opportunity to join us.

What do you have to do?

Find somewhere here – on our blog – answer for this question:

What is the world ugliest animal??

We were writing about this cute creature on our blog just few weeks ago, it is really easy to find.

Here we are waiting for your answer: admin{_at_}
Keep green!

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14 Responses to “Do you want an invitation?”

  1. NASSER-2010 says:

    What is the world ugliest animal :


  2. mazouzi says:

    What is the world ugliest animal :
    the Blobfish

  3. SALLY says:

    the Blobfish

  4. bosbos says:

    What is the world ugliest animal ?
    the Blobfish

  5. SALLY says:

    What is the world ugliest animal
    the Blobfish

  6. finalfurb says:

    What is the world’s ugliest animal?……
    The aye-aye. Poor little guys are so ugly that the locals think they are evil and kill them on sight. The other problem is that they are naturally terribly friendly towards people so they’ll walk right up to you.

  7. finalfurb says:

    I guess according to the blog it is officially the blobfish, which is quite a bit uglier than the aye-aye.

  8. Samira says:


  9. P1po13 says:

    ¿Cuál es el animal más feo del mundo?
    es Blobfish

  10. cesar santos navarro says:

    The blobfish por favor una invitacion

  11. Tigran says:

    The blobfish is the world ugliest animal! An invitation please!

  12. ismael flores says:

    the bo

  13. Darrell Meisberger says:


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