EcoNews #2 – amazing recovery after the oil spill

April 22nd, 2012

Good news, Greenzoners! 😀

Do you remember the BP oil spill accident almost two years ago, near Gulf of Mexico?

Scientists were afraid that this spill can cause extreme damages to the environment and change this part of the ecosystem forever.

But all the scientists and ecologists (and, of course, we) were astounded by the condition of Mexico Gulf waters. Area has almost entirely recovered, which was far too much for any specialist to expect.
The water’s salinity, temperature and so on are  getting closer to the normal, and even fish shoals appeared 🙂 Everything goes surprisingly well, the scientists are now mostly concerned about the mortality of dolphins that were inhabiting this area.

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What do you think about it, Greenzoners?  Nature showed us again her true power. 🙂

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5 Responses to “EcoNews #2 – amazing recovery after the oil spill”

  1. wasea says:

    Glad to heard such news 🙂

  2. ToTaJIuCT says:

    Хорошие новости, вот только дельфинов жалко

  3. hamza says:

    Où le sujet, mon frère?

  4. Bumper7777 says:

    От ето новость !

  5. Lert1337 says:


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