Week Contest has started!

April 20th, 2012

Dear users, we have just started the first edition of gzDefender Week Contest!

The best 50 users, with the best score, will partake in “Best Of” Contest, and they will struggle to win the prizes. 😀

Meanwhile the users, who don’t have 1000 EEP and are not able to entry the Week Contest can still partake in Open Contest, which will be summed up after “Best Of” Contest. The winners will be rewarded, but also, every partaking player will get EEP.

Remember: iPods Touch 4G 8GB are waiting…

Shoot accurately… and keep Green! 😀

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11 Responses to “Week Contest has started!”

  1. Saad says:

    w0WWWW thanx GZ

  2. khaled says:


  3. LINKIUSA says:

    The first two are for few places Premium, the third and last place to be for free account. It is unfair to compete with others who can repeat levels and can collect more points. I hope you take this.

  4. Max says:

    Why I can’t save my result? T-T

  5. Taras says:

    This contest is unfair, because if you want win you must buy premium account. 🙁

  6. Pumkin says:

    Офигеные подарачки будут кто выйграет

  7. Saad says:

    Very Unfair competition hey GZ why we have to buy a premium account to win gift

  8. DenZoo says:

    Спасибо ГринЗонер, очень большое спасибо!

  9. Borodach says:

    Хорохим делом заняты! Молодци.

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