EcoNews: funny fact about yawning

August 23rd, 2013

Hello GreenZoners!

So, here we have Friday again. Are you tired? Yawning maybe?

Yawning causes are still unknown, but we have for you funny fact about this weir activity. Did you ever noticed that your yawning can be a reason of yawning of… your dog?

(Ok, pictures of yawning dogs are one of the funniest in internet:))

A new study from Japan shows that dogs yawn contagiously, and dogs that are bonded with people are more likely to yawn when they do.

To yawn contagiously means yawning after seeing someone else yawn. This process is positively correlated to empathy scores.

According to Japanese study project: dogs usually yawn contagiously when they like somebody, never or almost never with strangers.

So: if your dog is yawning when you do, it means that he loves you. If he is not… Well, weekend is the best time to take care of your relation;).

Keep green!

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