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Hello GreenZoners,

do you know how it is, when your dog is looking at you and you can see in his eyes that he really understand that you had busy day and you are tired?  That’s not crazy – he really does!

Today we have pretty cool green news for all dogs’ lovers:)


Hello GreenZoners!

So, here we have Friday again. Are you tired? Yawning maybe?

Yawning causes are still unknown, but we have for you funny fact about this weir activity. Did you ever noticed that your yawning can be a reason of yawning of… your dog?


Hi guys! Anyone of you watch The Big Bang Theory? 😉

It’s a very popular TV Show, in which one of the characters, girl named Penny, is a shallow blonde girl with no real passions or aspirations.

kaley cuoco

Unlike the actress! Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny in this show is devoted animal activist, who especially loves pit bulls. (more…)