GZBlogContest – here is our winner!

September 27th, 2013

Hello GreenZoners,

Yes – GZBlogContest#2 is finished and we know the winner!

Ladies and gentelmen…

…the winner of GZBlogContest #2 is:

EyeF and his blog Ru Greenzoner

You are doing great job, EyeF. The most amazing thing is that you are writing your blog cause you really love it, respect!

We have also special gift for one blogger who didn’t win the voting but was updating his blog according to rules of our contest:

Romici and his blog Greenzoner4you

Congratulation and thank you, Romici:).

Dear GreenZoners, the end of GZBlogContest #2 doesn’t mean that we won’t have more contests for bloggers! Next BlogContest soon.

Meanwhile we are preapring for you new contest with new rules and new amazing gifts.

Follow our blog for more information and keep green:)

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  1. fatima1 says:

    this is réponse

  2. farid says:

    félicitation pour les gagnants

  3. fatima1 says:

    this response

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