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Gifts are waiting for writers:)

February 7th, 2014

Hi guys,

do you have already plans for weekend? No? So here we have some ideas. The best ideas to spend spare time for all those who like writing and for all those who like receiving gifts:).

Do you remember about our contests?


Hi guys,

as you know we have some contests with great stuff for you on our totally free website. Hard to say which one is the best, we love every single one!

First of all – GZBlog contest! We are waiting for your ideas. More information HERE.

For all those who like writing as well but prefer short form – GZEcoArticle contest. We were writing about it HERE.

What do you have to know more? We have GZEcoQuiz – great game online where you can earn EEP – so important in other contests. More info HERE.

But here we have something extra…


Hello GreenZoners,

Yes – GZBlogContest#2 is finished and we know the winner!

Ladies and gentelmen…


GZBlog Contest: last minute!

September 18th, 2013

Hi GreenZoners,

do you remember that you have last chance to vote for your favourite blog in our GZBlogContest? Did you vote today? If not – do it now! Ok, you can read this post before voting:)


Free gifts, guys! Last call!

August 17th, 2013

Hello GreenZoners,

Saturday is the best time to do something really cool. Do you have any ideas? If not – we have few good options for you. If you already have plans – it is never too late to change them;).


Gift for you!

July 31st, 2013

Hello GreenZoners,

Is here anybody interested in getting this really cool prize? We really want to give it to you. Maybe even to 10 of you:).


If you thought your weekend was good… then we’re gonna show you it can get even better!

For sure you remember about our GZBlog Contest #2 (If not – read HERE). Time for exciting news: more amazing gifts! Are you interested;)?


Contests reminder

July 20th, 2013

Hello GreenZoners!

Do you remember about our contests with amazing prizes? GzEcoArticle Contest is still waiting for you!  Just write an article and publish it on one website from our list (all info in e-mail, don’t worry:)) and add there a link to More info here:

One article is not enough? You can write whole blog and try to win GZBlog Contest – just don’t forget to vote and promote and update your blog. Don’t have a blog yet? Hurry up, try to find an inspiration and join the contest. More info here:

Not interested in writing? That is ok – maybe GZPhoto Contest is better for you? Take a great photo (one or two), post it somewhere and linked to You can vote for the best photo. Check the newest update here:

In the next few days we will show you few great examples of articles and blogs taking part in our contests.

Keep green!

Finally we started GzBlog Contest! Remember to go HERE and give your vote everyday, so that you can get EEP!

And IMPORTANT INFORMATION for the blog owners! Remember that you have to update your blog, by putting posts from our blog into your blog, after translating it into your language.
Every update you are required to report to us: the time limit is 3 days for translating one post – if you won’t do it in time, your blog will be disabled until you update your blog. Don’t worry though, we will try to be as liberal as we can 🙂

Also, if we are making many posts in short time, for examples, we post 3 posts in 3 days or more, you can just translate one of them (but the more the better 😉 )

Thanks for participating and good luck! Remember to vote!

Hello Greenzoners!
How are you doing today? The temperature is rising higher and higher it becomes less and less pleasant 😉

We hope you are staying today at home, because the important event is going to happen!

Google Nexus
Finally we are launching GzBlog Contest II. 🙂 (more…)