Harmful chemical substances for the peoples

July 14th, 2014

Hi Greenzoners! Do you remember our an article about pollutans of Coral Reef here? very day we are exposed to acting very much of harmful chemicals incurred as a result of many environmental pollutions. In relation to what it is not hard for poisonings not to say the death.

A belief that as a result of conducted examinations new properties of certain chemicals which can be potentially dangerous to our health were discovered exists. According to Arjun Venkatesan –  known professor from the Centre of the Environmental Safety never mind new. During conducted examinations they stated exactly, which chemical substances are most often current in abundant pollutants and which from them can be dangerous not only to the environment, but also our health. Therefore we must incessantly be on our guard, and at the same time care about our environment really every day just enough of our possibilities. Otherwise not only a quality of our life suffered harm because of it, but also surroundings in which we live. Of course independently we aren’t able to control many threats, but if we will persuade other for the help – together we can a lot.We are also able to take advantage of the reliable solution. It will be sufficient simply to predict own behaviours, as well as to analyse threats which can often rise from our winy.Wed lye of the newest laboratory tests the pace of threats appearing in our environment is really very fast. And at least a truth is so will fail for us to predict everything, it is worthwhile however preparing to everything.The rate of the toxicity incessantly is growing stronger, and it isn’t good for our environment. All waste, threats, of air pollution and inappropriate sorting waste is lowering the biosecurity. What we as people are also exposed to adverse effects in relation to.It is worthwhile acting and taking the really effective environmental protection into account.

More info:  http://campus.ecology.com/2014/01/23/chemical-new-human-risk/

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