Fluorescent gunk with real threat to fish?

July 17th, 2014

Hi Greenzoner Fans! Do you remember how are chemical substances harmful? If not, you can about them read here. Secret fluorescent gunk which is is a similar threat on the majority bottoms of seas and is posing a real threat to many species of animals, for which seas are a place of the life and the development.

To spend so that they can the secret stop light will cause no threats. It’s an interesting point that for some time it didn’t cause reservations even at the most of experienced researchers. Only when mass demises of fish which didn’t have ensured essential conditions of surviving came, they decided to commence the research on the phenomenon of the red, fluorescent light. For the purposes of conducted examinations scientists decided to check fish all the way from eight different bodies of water coming among others from the Red Sea, Corsica and Indonesia. They checked different depths and discovered that the fluorescence was definitely more intensified in these areas than anybody would dare to suppose. It is necessary absolutely to say this fish didn’t have a market of better conditions in order farther to develop. And at least to spend so that they can the fluorescent lighting is exerting the real damage on fish it in consequence is sheltering them from ultraviolet harmful rays. Yet, still it isn’t possible to devote itself to the belief that the stop light is completely harmless for their development.

A belief that it is fish also exists are contributing to create red world so that better can see underwater and simultaneously more quickly attack the given victim. Albeit this view is still a subject of examinations of many scientists.

More info: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/07/140715214215.htm

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