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Hi all! Did you remember our prev post about car fumes? Really interesting? We hope so! Thus, this time we want to writing about something other issue. Are you able to appreciate the potential of wind power stations? They can be wonderful energy sources and will let you the independence and the frugality.


Well, who would’ve believed? Two ecological groups protesting against each other. 😉
Usually the protesters are against building some factory or shopping center in a forest, where it can harm wildlife.
This time however, the conflict is much more interesting: it’s ecologists versus ecologists. 😉

desert tortoise (more…)

Hi Greenzoners, about the question about wind farms
The country with the highest amount of them is… China. 🙂

No one predicted it? 😉

Hello Greenzoners, most of you have probably seen or heard about wind power plants. Yes, these big, white windmills, for some beautiful, for others ugly and destroying the landscape. 😉

wind farm

Anyway, here are some facts about wind power plants you may not have known 😀 (more…)