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Here’s a first work for GzEcoArticle Contest, written by our fellow user Max. 🙂

It’s not a typical article you would expect – no science here or news.
This work is artistic and describe a life of an endangered, lonely eagle, who lives in a harsh world and tries to survive, struggling against all the human inventions and pollution. (more…)

Say “hi” to Kenny, inbred white tiger. Don’t be mistaken – they are not albino. Those Siberian/Bengal tigers have recessive genetic traits, which makes their fur white and their eyes blue.

kenny (more…)

Eco News #46 – snubfin

March 7th, 2013

This cute looking dolphin is called snubfin – and the awareness of its existence is relatively young – it was discovered in 1948 and they are believed near the northern coasts of Australia.


Well, who would’ve believed? Two ecological groups protesting against each other. 😉
Usually the protesters are against building some factory or shopping center in a forest, where it can harm wildlife.
This time however, the conflict is much more interesting: it’s ecologists versus ecologists. 😉

desert tortoise (more…)

10 animals saved from extinction

February 18th, 2013

Hello Greenzoners!
In our Eco News we often talk about something unhappy and depressing – some environment degradation here, some ecological disaster there.

Now we have something more uplifting – the video of 10 animals that we managed to save from extinction! 🙂 (more…)

Something to think about

November 21st, 2012

The Fence

According to the new studies by the USGS, streams are more vulnerable to urban development than it was previously thought. Growing and spreading inhabited areas lead to the indirect contamination of nearby streams. As scientists claim, “streams are not only water – they are communities of aquatic life”. And, because of pollution, important and sensitive aquatic species living in the streams die out.


What do you think about it, dear Greenzoners?

All of you have probably seen an article about shark attacking humans, a picture showing aggressive shark or at least watched Jaws by Steven Spielberg. ;)|
But are those sharks really that dangerous?


This topic was recently discussed among the ecologists. How many times do we see news about sharks attacking people, and how often do we see articles about preservation of their species?
Statistically, over 60% of coverage and news present sharks in negative image, while only 7% talks about species’ preservation, biology and ecology.

The truth is that sharks are not as dangerous as we portrait them – most human casualties are the reason of sharks feeling threatened or mistaking humans with seals. (more…)

Hello Greenzoners! We already spoke about phytoplankton, sea otters and others. Now let’s talk about something more exotic – orangutans. 🙂
Recently orangutan’s populaion on Sumatra island (south-east Asia) have undergone significant decline. For now there’s only 6,600 individuals left and orangutans are now endangered species. The reason of this reduction is, as it often occured, massive deforestation of tropical areas. (more…)

Hello Greenzoners! Have you ever heard about african Painted Dog? 🙂
Painted dog
This race of a dog lives in Africa and it was claimed to be an endangered species in over 2/3 of countries it lives in. (more…)