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Antarctica 1

One of the largest shelves of Antarctica is called Larsen B – and in a period of over 35 years it has lost over 2000 square kilometers and it’s still declining, mostly because of rising temperature. Antarctica consists of more than 2/3 of Earth’s freshwater supply, which makes ocean levels to rise .


Scientists are aware that the warming of Antarctica may affect the population of penguins, whose homes and habitats are being threatened.


Pictures by National Geographic.

The Redemption Day!!!

November 29th, 2011

Do You want to know when the BIG Redemption Day will come? 🙂

Attention! The contest # 6!

November 23rd, 2011

We remind: Our competitions are the most effective way to gain points before the Redemption Day!

As previously, the person who gives correct answer the fastest will obtain 300 EEP and 10 invitatios.

What is the cause of radiation on such a large area of Kazakhstan?

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