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Tidy up with your rubbish!

March 20th, 2015

Hi all! Did you read our prev post about healthly food? If you want to haveworld more beautiful and you want to be pleased with a surrounding nature see to it so that there is order around you. Are you ready for useful changes?


Hello to all of you! Are you missing about new news?! We hope so… Did you remember our previous post about trees?   So, today we would talking about some experiments in our environment.


Hi Greenzoner guys! We want to remember you our last text about Tanzania. Are you ready now for new blog post? Are you ready for new post this time? We had for you new post about nicotine and her influence on humans & animals! Check it below now!


Hello everyone. Did you read our recent article about the calcification of oceans? Now it is time to something else! Today I would like to show you some news about hummingbirds! If you like these birds there will certainly be a moment fascinating it at which you will inquire about them for some reason more.


Hello GreenZoners,

do you know how it is, when your dog is looking at you and you can see in his eyes that he really understand that you had busy day and you are tired?  That’s not crazy – he really does!

Today we have pretty cool green news for all dogs’ lovers:)


European Union decided to take serious steps on the way of limiting pollution in member countries.

european unio
The most important task is to limit the amounts of greenhouse gases by the end of 2014.
For now no clear program has been created to precise what each country will do.
Officials from United States say that it would be better if every country could develop that program by themselves instead of forcing ideas from the outside. But what does it mean? (more…)

Good evening and hello! Another article for you to read – this one tells about the topic of preserving environment and living ecological lifestyle in Moldova, written by Ştirbu.
Author gives some important basic information and then shows some good tips and advice.

Red Book of Moldova
You can read this article here (it’s in english!). 🙂

Have a nice reading. Let us know in the comments what do you think of it! 😀

Hello Greenzoners! Some of you know, and some of you probably don’t know (nothing to be ashamed of, don’t worry 😉 ), one of the main causes of air pollution is burning wood and coal in cookstoves in the process of preparing food.

Many people use more modern technologies like gas or electric cookers, but everyone can afford them or are available to anyone.
There were designs of special, “clean” cookstoves, trying to reduce the amount of pollution, but they had no effect, unfortunately.

Recently however, a group of students discovered an interesting way to vastly reduce the amount of pollution in our households. (more…)

Eco News #47 – ribbon eel

March 9th, 2013

Colorful, isn’t it? 😉 That animal is called a ribbon eel – which is a pretty appropriate name. But, aside from its visually interesting aspects, it’s nice to know something about their life cycle. (more…)

Unusual shape of a shell, isn’t it? That’s why the animal you see here is named Peanut – and no, it’s not a name of a species. The shell disfigurement is the cause of littering the oceans – when turtle was still very young, he got wrapped by plastic 6-pack packaging.

peanut (more…)