The most dangerous ecological catastrophes

June 30th, 2014

Hi Guys! Harmful ash threatening plants, oil spill causing the death of animals,  polluting in the ocean, explosions of chemical plants – these are only a few of many disasters which are threatening the Mother Nature, people, plants and animals worldwide. Do you remember the recent our article about Antarctica problems? Click here.Do you know how a lot you can do?

Huge Disasters

The Mother Nature is defenceless in the face of ceaseless ecological threats, therefore very much so that the society cares about the ecological kindness is essential and took the regular environmental protection into account. They belong to the most frequent disasters: floods, explosions of reactors, waste, causing pollutants of lands and oceans, poisoning substances, explosions of different kind, earthquakes, hurricanes, taking out the rubbish in inappropriate places, oil spill, decay of cultivated lands and rice fields, toxic industrial waste, harmful substances in the sea and evaluations instantaneous death of animals, destroying mercurialism human organisms, contaminations of air, lack of the branch water, electronic waste causing miscarriages at women and lead poisoning at children, industrial disasters of world. Whether already enough of reasons which will cause that your thinking will change in ecology?

Every man wants to live in the place, where the beautiful nature is surrounding him. If and you can change something so that it outweighs for other people – don’t think, but take appropriate actions.

More details about huge worldwide problems you can find here.

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