Splendid human initiative – Care of meadows in Great Britain

June 26th, 2014

Hi Greenzoner fans! Great Britain is a country enrapturing in many respects and we can be certain, that when we will a visiting this place we will enthuse about his landscapes. To so meadows which on account of the harmful human activity are becoming a quite rare occurrence belong.

Meadows in UK

One man is responsible for this untypical job and the huge care for ecology – John Lewis Stempel. Their carer adores the smell of meadows in May which causes that world is becoming far more beautiful than it is at daily reality. He has a romantic nature and perhaps with such a commitment is caring about these areas.The English nature very much is diversified still the issue isn’t yielding to the doubt. It is worthwhile however sometimes shining a light a bit of time to look the meadow after and to care for so that they not only delight our eyes, but were also safe and far from threats. Flowers require the regular care, similarly to many other plants, which we should return the protection on particular attention.

Incurred even a special chronicle, in which the author is describing the year spent on many meadows in Great Britain. Each of us should care about the environment so much, how it is only possible.

More informations you finding here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/countryside/10836787/One-man-went-to-save-the-meadows.html

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