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Living in Alaska

April 17th, 2015

Hello Greenzoners!! Did you remember our post about paintful headaches here? Living in Alaska at the beginning perhaps to be really great. Do you know what? Living there is certainly a cool adventure. Are you ready?

But it is worthwhile remembering that life full of adventures in surrounding animals can be also dangerous and therefore we should concentrate on taking care of our safety. Alaska is the most beautiful place on the world, right? With angry beers, colds and many other things. Living in Alaska we must take into account the fact that wild animals can be a real threat for us. If we are caring for in order to live with them in the agreement won’t certainly attack us. But if we decide on it in order to provoke them the situation can be boring. It is really quite risky. And let us remember, that living there we not have to take into account only a beauty of the nature, but also the restriction.

More info:

Dear Greenzoners. 🙂

We sent information  about the prizes in Best Of Contest. All highest scores turned out to be valid.
We require everyone who won a prize to fill his shipping address in his profile.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating. 🙂

Dear users,

We have just finished gzDefender “Best Of” Contest and  we already know the winners. The list of winners will be shown after checking the game scores and going through game logs of every user.
We will send the information regarding prizes to every user, who got score from top 5. Users that took places 5-10 will be rewarded with surprise prizes. 😉

Congratulations to everyone!

Greenzoner Team.

Good morning Greenzoners! 😀
Thank you for participating in Spring Wave Contest!
Now we can greet all new Greenzoner users who will share their experience with us. 🙂

Sending prizes… once again.

January 21st, 2012

Hello again!

Prizes will be sent on gzDay 600, just keep patient and make the world greennier 🙂

After January Redemption

January 6th, 2012


At first:
You deserve the prize. You was with us for a long time, you was fast and focus in redemption time.

In this Redemption the most sucessfull users were from… Moldovia, the country with one of the most greenest capital in Europe 🙂
I wonder which will be next time?

We are terrible sorry that we must fixed our servers during redemption. But we have almost one million users. When they all log in and still refresh our site… Yes, we have a batlle in our office but redemption was done, prizes have owner 🙂

We’ll contact with every winner by e-mail.
Remember about checking your e-mail box!


August 5th, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, I must say that the best and most popular GZblogs around the world are


Are you ready…

August 5th, 2011

… for the list of blog-contest winners? 🙂