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Hi all! Are you missed for our new post? Check our prev about germs! This time we talking about…spring and gardens! Do you have your own garden and you are devoting to him very much lot of time?

Cause that garden is useful and take care about planting of vegetables, rather than only flowers! It is not only pleasant, but also very useful to your family which will certainly be pleased with such a garden. A vegetable garden is something what you need! Moreover caring about the garden is a splendid hobby. You can not only have vegetables, but also useful herbs which are useful in it in medynie and thanks for which you will get the greater resistance. Therefore the spring is fantastic in this respect, that we can have beautiful gardens, to plant flowers and vegetables!

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Changeable spring weather

March 3rd, 2015

Hi all! If you like to walk in spring you certainly know that the weather in this season is changeable and very much it is easy to catch a cold. Particularly if you are walking very long and you have the weak body’s resistance. Check our new article below! (more…)

About spring flowers

February 24th, 2015

Hi Greenz! Are you missed about new post? Check our prev  post about bears here. Every day in the world he grows million of flowers, but when a spring is coming world thanks to them is becoming more beautiful. Unfortunately the nature is also destroyed by peoples, therefore if you can see such situations, do everything in order to prevent them!


Hi Greenzoner fans! Great Britain is a country enrapturing in many respects and we can be certain, that when we will a visiting this place we will enthuse about his landscapes. To so meadows which on account of the harmful human activity are becoming a quite rare occurrence belong.

Meadows in UK


Did you, Greenzoners, know how environment responses to the climate changes?
There was a new scientific breakthrough in recent studies concerning global warming. Plants, especially flowers, were considered “stable” and non-reacting to the global warming. Recently though, researchers at UC Santa Barbara’s National Center for Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) discovered, that flowers are actually affected by slowly progressing global warming.