GzPhoto reminder – vote for your favourite pics and fight for prizes!

April 22nd, 2013

Hello Greenzoners! Do you remember about important GzPhoto Contest that was launched recently?
You can vote for your favourite photos here – https://www.greenzoner.com/en_US/GzPhotoContest/show/2
Remember that you can vote regularly so come back often!
What’s more, we are preparing to launch a huge new wave of contests, and GzPhoto is one of those contests. 😉
For these contests we prepared amazing prizes, about which we wrote some time ago. Here you can read some more details about them:
iPhone 5: https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/prizes-demonstration-1-iphone-5/
G-Drive slim 500 GB : https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/prizes-demonstration-2-g-drive-slim-500gb/
Google Nexus: https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/prizes-demonstration-3-google-nexus-7/
2GB Smartpen: https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/prizes-demonstration-4-2gb-sky-wifi-smartpen/
Logitech Solar powered keyboard: https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/prizes-demonstration-5-logitech-solar-keyboard/

Check out these prizes, they are very interesting!
And good luck with GzPhoto! Come regularly to vote and visit our blog!

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