So, do you want an extra gift?

January 2nd, 2014

Hi there,

as we wrote HERE few days ago, we have a special gift for somebody. Somebody really special:).

As you know, we will tell you who is this special person step by step. First step is already behind us: we have an extra gift for somebody who took part in GZEcoQuiz.

It’s high time for second step…. has an extra gift for somebody who took part in GZEcoQuiz and didn’t win anything.

Is here anybody like this? Any GZEcoQuiz player who finished game without prize?

If you recognized yourself in this description – wait for third step:). We will show you something more soon.

If you didn’t take part in GZEcoQuiz or you did but you had great score and gift – don’t worry. always has a lot of amazing contest with even better prizes. Keep you updated.

Keep green!

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