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African snail
Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂 It’s one of the examples of Giant African land snails – they are very popular in Western world, so that they are always confiscated at airports. (more…)

Beautiful, isn’t it?


Guess where is this! A little tip… (more…)

by Jaroslaw Pawlak

Korea institute of ecology


Paradise falls

Another beautiful piece of nature.

By the way, any of you Greenzoner believe that the world is going to end? 😉


World in pictures: Snail

December 12th, 2012



Kamchatka, Russia.

gzPhoto Voting in two days!

September 27th, 2012

Hi there! gzPhoto voting will starts in two days! We apologise for the delay, it was because of technical preparations and testing new Greenzoner functions that we are planning to implement simultanously with the launch of gzPhoto voting.
🙂 These new functions will improve GZ’s performance, help you get more EEP and win prizes, which we prepared new and interesting. 😉

Once again, thanks to everyone who submitted their photos – we had a great time looking at them. 😀 But if you sent us a photo without any reference to Greenzoner (for example logo, or name), you won’t be able to partake – but you still can correct your photos and feel free to send us e-mail again. 🙂