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GZPhoto Details of Contest #3

January 19th, 2015

Hi all! We have something new for you! Details of Contest #3 GZPhoto! Check our sneak peek of it here! Are you excited? Our rules are easy for everyone who want to trying powers in contests and likes have fun! We have a special prizes for you, but now….check our rules!


Hello Greenzoners! 😀

Thanks to anyone who submitted his/her photos to our GzPhoto Contest II! We are happy that there are so many of you who want to fight for free gifts. 🙂

But unfortunately, among the pictures you sent us, there are pictures that can’t be accepted to the contest. That’s because they are not related to the topic.
We remind you that the topic is “ECOLOGY AROUND US“. What does it mean? It’s for you to interpret, but still – it has to do something with ecology (ecological actions, ecological problems) in your local areas.
Here are the examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos sent by users. 😉


Beautiful, isn’t it?


Guess where is this! A little tip… (more…)

Nice hairstyle, isn’t it? It’s one of the funniest ecology pictures we’ve ever encountered. 🙂 (more…)

Korea institute of ecology


Paradise falls

Another beautiful piece of nature.

By the way, any of you Greenzoner believe that the world is going to end? 😉


World in pictures: Snail

December 12th, 2012



Kamchatka, Russia.