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Hi Greenz! Check our article about pox and write a comment what you think about it! Today we want ask you: Are you a health food lover or not? If you like healhty food why is the reason? You want to be fit or it’s neccesary for you?


Hello Greenzoners! Some of you know, and some of you probably don’t know (nothing to be ashamed of, don’t worry 😉 ), one of the main causes of air pollution is burning wood and coal in cookstoves in the process of preparing food.

Many people use more modern technologies like gas or electric cookers, but everyone can afford them or are available to anyone.
There were designs of special, “clean” cookstoves, trying to reduce the amount of pollution, but they had no effect, unfortunately.

Recently however, a group of students discovered an interesting way to vastly reduce the amount of pollution in our households. (more…)


West African donation

July 16th, 2012

Hi Greenzoners!
Please, visit this site and help west African people.
Remember, always smallest donation count. 🙂
If you are not able to do so or don’t want to, please share this link to your friends, upload it on Facebook, show on the internet. 🙂

Good night!