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Even if we find dolphins performing amazing acrobatics, South Korean government decided to ban catching dolphins in purpose of using them in shows.

Dolphin with a ball

Hello Greenzoners!
Unfortunately, nobody answered correctly for our question about a country with highest temperature reported by users.
So, as we wanted to pick a winner, we are starting the stage 2 of Weather Guessing Contest.

Weather Guessing Contest

May 31st, 2012

Hello Greenzoners! 😀
We have an idea for another little contest for today. 🙂
Your task is to guess , in which country, there was the highest temperature reported by Greenzoner users during the period gzDay 725-730.
Your reward will be 3 additional invitations – the contests lasts till the end of gzDay 730, that is, tomorrow.

Good luck and have a nice spring! 🙂

Now you can vote for another country that joined our Blog Contest – Pakistan. Congratulations to all blog owners!
Good luck and welcome on board! 🙂

To all Greenzoners from Mexico! 😉

Your country was accepted for a Blog Contest. But unfortunately, one of the Mexican blog was deleted – and we require at least two blogs from each country to let that country partake.

Attention! The contest!

October 2nd, 2011

The person who gives correct answer the fastest will obtain 300 EEP
and 10 invitations.