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November 16th, 2015

Hi all! Did you read our last post about animals in ZOO? Worldwide many people are suffering because of illnesses of the memory. Their mental health is in very of poor condition, therefore must be under control of doctor. What to do, when the health will never again be ours the same? What belongs to know about illnesses of the memory?

Old woman with Alzheimer

Illnesses of the memory are popular for many years and it won’t be possible to conceal that they are ill on not the elderly. It is a kind of the dementia which causes, that the memory, the ability of the learning, communicating and understanding simply is disappearing. Many medicines exist in order effectively to fight with Alzheimer, but are very expensive, therefore few people are deciding to fight this illness in oldest persons. Every year in the world is arriving sick persons on Alzheimers. It is really a major disease which is regarding persons in having 85 years. Problems with the memory require also supporting family and friends. Sick persons sometimes notice changes alone and are talking about them. In other cases it is hard to notice symptoms of illness.


According to the new studies by the USGS, streams are more vulnerable to urban development than it was previously thought. Growing and spreading inhabited areas lead to the indirect contamination of nearby streams. As scientists claim, “streams are not only water – they are communities of aquatic life”. And, because of pollution, important and sensitive aquatic species living in the streams die out.


What do you think about it, dear Greenzoners?