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According to the new studies by the USGS, streams are more vulnerable to urban development than it was previously thought. Growing and spreading inhabited areas lead to the indirect contamination of nearby streams. As scientists claim, “streams are not only water – they are communities of aquatic life”. And, because of pollution, important and sensitive aquatic species living in the streams die out.


What do you think about it, dear Greenzoners?

Ecological cleaners by Wasea

September 10th, 2012

Hi Greenzoners! Did you like the latest Eco Cleaners series? If you liked them, please tell us your opinion about this, that really helps us develop this site and provide with what you need most in blog updates. 🙂

Also, one of Greenzoners, Wasea, wrote and published something more about them on his blog. If you’d like to know more and use that in future, just go see Wasea’s blog:

If you have some even different experiences or ecology-related ideas, just tell us about this, and share. 🙂

This time we can see summer in Latvia – thanks to the user MazafakaRU! 🙂

Summer in Latvia

The picture shows River Daugava. 😉