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Hello GreenZoners,

as an ecology organisation we are really focused on Nature, so from time to time we are trying to give you some environmental tips – teach you how to live ecofriendly.

Today we want to talk with you about our little friends who have really rough time because of winter – birds.

First of all if you live in place now covered with snow, you should remember that birds have real problem with finding food. If you never tried it, that’s the best moment – make green revolution, start feeding them!



Hello Greenzoners! How is your Easter going? 🙂

We had an idea, that, because in many places there is a lot of snow during Easter holidays, how about some appropriate Easter decorations to be made easily and cheap? 😉

easter lights (more…)

Need new, solid flip flops but don’t want to spend too much money? Some people are just astonishing with the amount of creativity they have! 🙂 Do it yourself!

eco shoes (more…)