The end of redemption

December 27th, 2013

Redemption of GZEcoQuiz finished today.

So, did you win something really amazing? Few players for sure;). What do you think about questions? Too difficult? Too easy? Let us know!

Now it is time to think:  what next in

1. Dear winners – you will get your gifts soon! Don’t worry! Hopefully you will show us how much are you glad;)

2. Dear players – even if you didn’t win anything this time: thank you for great fun! Next time… ;). GZEcoQuiz is too good to finish totally. Contest is staying with us, great prizes will be still available. More information soon.

3. Dear GreenZoners – GZEcoQuiz is not the only one contest we have for you. has a lot of games online, in every single one you can win something! Check it HERE or HERE

Thank you all for taking part in GZEcoQuiz. Be ready for more!

Keep green:)

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