August 5th, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, I must say that the best and most popular GZblogs around the world are


1. from Romania!!!


2. from Russia!

Congratulations Pavel!

3. from Moldova!

Congratulations Max!

4. from USA!

Congratulations Bennyboy!

5. from Uzbekistan!

Congratulations Timka!

6. from Mexico!

Congratulations Mrcfmu!

7. from Italy!

Congratulations Alex193a!

8. from UK!

Contratulations Paul!

9. from Lithuania!

Congratulations Zoleedis!

10. from Albania!

Congratulations Ditjon Lushaj!

You are the best, Great Greenzoners!

It’s very hard to say but another blogs had to small activity (less than 10 visitors per week), or didn’t put our code correct, or was out of date. We are very sorry but we can’t award this blogs like the great 10.

Winners and non-bloggers, who used blog-contest surprise, will get EEP and invitations soon.

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90 Responses to “WINNERS”

  1. Max says:

    yeeeeeaaaaa, third!
    congrats romania and russia!!!

  2. dragotin says:

    Congrats, all you deserve(From Moldova^^)!!!Hey Greenzoner!! I have a question, when is Reedem? what gifts? As EEP will it cost? And how many will be in stock? Thank Greenzoner

  3. Andruk says:

    Congrats to winneeeers 😀
    Don’t stop translating!

  4. Timka says:

    Thank you guys, but i’m not from Russia;
    i’m from Uzbekistan! correct this info please ^^

  5. Eyef says:

    By the way about the translation … I remembered. Even last year, I sent to the admins of site interface translation of to my language (Russian), in accordance with all requirements of the admins, which they told to me personally in email-message, after I asked them. When I finished and sent the translation – They thanked me, promised to give eep and add new languages ​​to the site, but it never did. So the question – will the new language on the site? At least those that are listed on the site in the upper left corner?

  6. Ditjon Lushaj says:

    Thank You GreenZoner!!!

    You Are The Best!!!!

  7. Alex193a says:

    YEAHH Thanks

  8. inácio says:

    but whene can i vote

  9. Laurentiu says:

    yeeeeaa!! first!

    thank you!

    Try my best to promote the blog and

  10. Bennyboy says:

    I got 4th yeaaa buddy

  11. jpan says:

    Under the “Final showdown” blog post on July 29, it says “After this time we will choose the best 20 GZBlogs.” Does this mean that there will be 10 more winners? Or are you only choosing 10 winners?

    • Max says:

      i think 20 is too much..

    • admin says:

      You are right, but:
      “It’s very hard to say but another blogs had to small activity (less than 10 visitors per week), or didn’t put our code correct, or was out of date. We are very sorry but we can’t award this blogs like the great 10.”

  12. Max says:

    when we get points and invites?

  13. khaled says:

    Warm congratulations to the winners

  14. Max says:

    thx for points gz!

  15. Max says:

    what’s the next surprise? 😀

  16. Laura says:

    Thanks for the 20 invitations Greenzoneer!!!! I LOVE YOU GREEN

  17. Max says:

    hey nicholas (i think this is your name 🙂 )
    edit please, timka is from uzbekistan!
    and i think it’s time to show to all new prizes 🙂

    and another question, where are from greenzoner?
    poland, france?

  18. auto_duc says:

    thank you green zoner !!!

  19. Timka says:

    Thank you admin and max <3

  20. nekken100 says:

    Now it`s redeem time 😉

  21. Max says:

    hey greenzoner, i think its better to edit html code emblems for the first 3 winners, not only for first, like gold silver and bronze, or for first 5. thx 😉

  22. Mickal says:

    Invite me please my email is Thank´s 🙂

  23. pukea says:

    Admin could you please reply my emails that I send to you in (Contact us), i have some problems with invites! Thanks

  24. Ditjon Lushaj says:

    when is the redemption day GreenZoner?

  25. Timka says:

    How about restoring the weekly blogs conest? 🙂

  26. Max says:

    hey greenzoner, i’m sorry, i wanted to change blog’s theme, and the html embleme “one of top gzblogs” disappeared. and now when i put the code from “final showdown” it’s the old imagine, can you please correct it? :((

  27. Spiderman2008 says:

    what now???

  28. Timka says:

    Hey,admin can you say – in what country the head office greenzoner? 🙂

  29. zoleedis says:

    Hey, gzTeam! I think there’s a problem with the bettery… 😀

  30. Jocker says:

    Can You add option to delete sent invitation?
    For example:
    I will send invitation and someone won`t want to register anymore. And invitation will be lost in that way.


  31. Gustavo says:

    Gente mim invita no greenzoner please : email :

  32. Ditjon Lushaj says:

    GreenZoner is the contest for best 20 blogs anymore???

  33. Max says:

    Where are you gz?

  34. Timka says:

    When will be redemption updates? 🙁

  35. thong says:

    Ui trời. Sao thắng nhiều thế.

  36. zoleedis says:

    Give us EEP for liking your facebook page, GreenZoner!

  37. Ditjon Lushaj says:

    When will be exactly the Redemption Day GreenZoner? In this Month in next month or later?

  38. Max says:

    silence… again

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