Blog Contest #2 – join now!

January 18th, 2013

How’s it going, Greenzoners? 😉

If you have created your own Greenzoner blog and you want to participate in GzBlog Contest, you can join today! Then you are able to fight for many different, valuable prizes and increase your EEP regularly. 🙂


It’s a great opportunity for you! If you are able and willing to update your blog with GzBlog posts translated into your language and to keep in touch with your local readers, you have  bigger chances of winning a prize from our stock!
Sign in (even if you have already participated)! The next edition of GzBlog Contest will have the form of voting, just like the last time. 🙂
To join, you need to spend 500 EEP, or have Sky or Space account.

Keyboard silver
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