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European Union decided to take serious steps on the way of limiting pollution in member countries.

european unio
The most important task is to limit the amounts of greenhouse gases by the end of 2014.
For now no clear program has been created to precise what each country will do.
Officials from United States say that it would be better if every country could develop that program by themselves instead of forcing ideas from the outside. But what does it mean? (more…)

According to recently published articles in scientific press, overall climate change caused coral reef to collapse during last few thousands of years. Because of naturally shifting climate zones, the growth of reef in the eastern Pacific ceased for around 2,500 years. But because of the increasing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, this climatic change gets faster, which causes reefs to decay faster than usual.
Coral reef
This is the result of research done using small aluminium pipes stuck into dead coral reef and then by examining the geological history of the reef.

Now the reefs at coasts of Panama are slowly disappearing. Eologists say, that climate changing often destroys reefs, but since industrial waste got into atmosphere and the ocean, this collapse will come faster and will be more devastative, without natural balance.
Remember that coral reefs are home of many different species of underwater life.
Even though they are being damaged, ecologists stay optimistic. “Coral reefs used to prove that they are resilient and can endure many different environmental ups and downs“, they say.

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Anyone volunteer to help saving the reef? 😉