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European Union decided to take serious steps on the way of limiting pollution in member countries.

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The most important task is to limit the amounts of greenhouse gases by the end of 2014.
For now no clear program has been created to precise what each country will do.
Officials from United States say that it would be better if every country could develop that program by themselves instead of forcing ideas from the outside. But what does it mean? (more…)

It was recently reported that air pollution in Beijing, the capitol of China reached very dangerous level, according to World Health Organization (WHO).
The air is said to have the taste of coal dust and car fumes, which are the main sources of pollution in China.

People weariing masks (more…)

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Irene hurricane 2011

It was recently discovered, that the New York City’s water supply is contaminated and may pose a serious threat to the health. As New York is one of the most populated city in United States, this may affect very many lives. (more…)