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About huge storms…

March 5th, 2015

Hi! Check our last post about changeable spring weather here. More and more storms are enveloping a lot of major cities put near oceans. Therefore in such situations flights and sea travels are being canceled. Do you like storms or not? Would you decide on the travel during the storm? (more…)

Did you know: phytoplankton

November 2nd, 2012

…wondering what is this? 😉


It’s a phytoplankton, a small underwater organism that can absorb the excessive amounts of CO2 in atmosphere.
Because of global warming and rising seas’ temperatures, their population is decreasting.

Good morning Greenzoners, and this is the new Eco News. 😉

As we know, the extremely important plant ability is to absorb carbon-dioxyde (CO2) and emit oxygen.  It’s especially necessary for us when the CO2 emission is so huge.
Intensified pollution and gas emissions not only increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but also degrades the soil.  It was recently discovered that unfertile, polluted soils may reduce the plants’ CO2 absorbing ability. (more…)

Sea otter is a specie of a mammal that lives on the coasts of northern and eastern Pacific Ocean. They belong to the weasel family, and are able to live on the land, but most of the time, they spend their lives in water.
Scientists recently discovered that sea otters have a great abilities that can help our environment. Because they feed on sea urchins, it keeps the kelp population balanced.  It helps reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, especially if there is starting to be  too much CO2, emitted by industrial areas, exhaust fumes and greenhouse gases. That means sea otters are able to prevent from global warming!

Sea otter