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Hello Greenzoners! 😀

Thanks to anyone who submitted his/her photos to our GzPhoto Contest II! We are happy that there are so many of you who want to fight for free gifts. 🙂

But unfortunately, among the pictures you sent us, there are pictures that can’t be accepted to the contest. That’s because they are not related to the topic.
We remind you that the topic is “ECOLOGY AROUND US“. What does it mean? It’s for you to interpret, but still – it has to do something with ecology (ecological actions, ecological problems) in your local areas.
Here are the examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos sent by users. 😉


Introducing GzPhoto Contest 2!

January 12th, 2013


How did you like GzPhoto contest? We hope that you are satisfied, because we are planning to start the second edition!

The topic for a next stage is: ECOLOGY AROUND US.

It could be, for example, pictures of some ecology actions taken in your areas, some newly-built eco-friendly facilities, and so on!
Remember, that you and your imagination are the limits. 🙂


Hello Greenzoners! Some another interesting facts – this time about global warming. 😉
Did you know that forest fires are now more common in the US?
global warming

We recommend you to see this video – top 10 Surprising Global Warming Effects. 🙂

Sea otter is a specie of a mammal that lives on the coasts of northern and eastern Pacific Ocean. They belong to the weasel family, and are able to live on the land, but most of the time, they spend their lives in water.
Scientists recently discovered that sea otters have a great abilities that can help our environment. Because they feed on sea urchins, it keeps the kelp population balanced.  It helps reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, especially if there is starting to be  too much CO2, emitted by industrial areas, exhaust fumes and greenhouse gases. That means sea otters are able to prevent from global warming!

Sea otter