Announcing new contest – we await your propositions for the topics!

January 7th, 2013

Dear Greenzoners,
we are now revealing a new contest that will soon be launched. The next contest is called GzEcoArticle Contest, and, how you can probably guess by the name – it’s a writing contest. 🙂
In this contest there are introduced new prizes, such as Google Nexus 7, iPhone 5, G-Drive and more. 😀


But before we start, we’d like to ask you some questions about the contest itself. What topics do you prefer do write about, if it comes to ecology and environment? If you have any ideas for a topic, share it with us!

The second issue is that these articles, written by you, will be posted on other blogging websites.
We’d like to have your propositions of different sites, on which you can publish your work, that is visible to everyone. You know some nice site to publish written material in your language? Send us the link and tell us something about this site!


Send us topics propositions, as well as websites.
Good luck! We await your responses!

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22 Responses to “Announcing new contest – we await your propositions for the topics!”

  1. Max says:

    i think something like an artistic novel about animals or nature in general would be perfect. But i think its better to be an artistic work, this way its more interesting.

    and about the site, seems to be the right place, there you can post texts, or even better

    • admin says:

      Well of course, if someone has some artistic skills, he should use them. Of course it’s still going to be written article that will be judged in GzEcoArticle, but as an addition, it’s a brilliant idea. 🙂

  2. abraham says:

    a good topic could be : eco-internet, what should do the web pages and the users for help to have a green world?

  3. sefyou says:

    Phenomenon of environmental pollution and how to address them only through Internet (Net environment)

  4. MalcomSparrow says:

    El Tema podria ser tambien sobre EL CLIMA y la afectacion a la capa de ozono. Y sobre la pagina seria tambien es una pagina donde se ayuda a mejorar el planeta =)

  5. khaled says:

    Nature – the general sense – means the natural world or the physical world or the physical world. The word “nature” to the phenomenon of the physical world; also refers to life in general. Is not – in general – as things manufactured and human interventions in nature is a part, and is referred to as artificial objects or man-made objects or art. As different nature – in general – about the paranormal. The range varies, which is without corn to cosmic matters.

    The word nature derived in English from the Latin word natura, which means “the essential qualities and innate system” but means “Birth” literally. Can be considered creative mind is an integral part of “human nature”. [1] The word Natura is a Latin translation of the Greek word physis (φύσις) that are associated mainly characteristics essential that plants, animals and other assets in the world developed full will and without interference. [2 and showing usage written the first of its kind for this word linked to the plant. [3]. The concept of nature in general – the sense of the physical universe – and one of the many additions done to the original concept, which began with certain core applications of the word a φύσις by philosophers who preceded Socrates and gained much luck of boom since then. It was emphasized this use with the advent of modern scientific method in the last several centuries. [4] [5]

    The versatility of the word “nature” today suggests that Kingdom, which includes various types of living plants and animals. As indicated in some cases to the processes associated with things non-living; meaning it may refer to the way in which there are specific types of things and the way that they change the whole its will without intervention such as: weather and geological features of the land, as well as matter and energy that make up all these things. It is usual that this word means the natural environment or wildlife in the sense of wild animals, rocks and forests, beaches and all those things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention or continued existence despite human intervention. This indicates the more traditional concept of natural things – and that it exists to this day – a separator between the natural and the artificial, with a focus on the concept that the artificial thing is the thing that came into existence by the intervention of human thought or human mind

  6. Romici says:

    An interesting Topic will be about rare animals and plants listed in the Red Book. Methods to protect them from poachers or etc

  7. Timka says:

    Is it possible to write an article in Russian?

  8. khaled says:

    Conservation of hunters and wild animals to remain always green

  9. zTeXy says:

    I would prefer to write about animals. For example about interesting things from several animal’s life that we see everyday but that we don’t observe usually.

  10. blog says:

    I simply could not leave your website prior to suggesting that I really enjoyed the usual information an individual supply for your guests? Is gonna be again ceaselessly to check up on new posts.

  11. eyef says:

    i can suggest my gzBlog (blogs contest contestant)

  12. konoha says:

    save the turtle

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