GzBlog and GzPhoto Contests tomorrow! Get ready!

April 9th, 2013

Hello Greenzoners!
Are you prepared? Because tomorrow, gzDay 1043, we are starting two huge contests!
First of them is GzBlog Contest II, in which your best Greenzoner blogs compete with each other in voting!
The second one is GzPhoto Contest II, and this one is about picture sent by users, all of them related to ecology that surrounds us in our daily lives.
In both of them you will get the opportunity to win many valuable prizes!
Some of them we already featured in our prizes demonstration:
iPhone 5https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/prizes-demonstration-1-iphone-5/
Google Nexus 7https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/prizes-demonstration-3-google-nexus-7/
G-Drive Slimhttps://www.greenzoner.com/blog/prizes-demonstration-2-g-drive-slim-500gb/

More at: https://www.greenzoner.com/blog/7-days-for-last-submission-to-gzphoto-and-gzblog-contests/
We hope it will be a great day!
Good luck and keep Green. 🙂

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