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Little problems with e-mails

November 11th, 2013

Hello GreenZoners,

We have two information for you: one jest bad, one is good.

Bad news is: we had some problems with e-mails delivery (eg. sending an invitations).

Good news is: we’ve solved this problem! No more problems with sending an invitations.

We are really sorry if you also noticed any problems. Now everything will be ok.


Want to invite your friends to Greenzoner, to get more EEP? But don’t have enough invitations? 😉
Well now you can get them – just answer our question! 😉 (more…)

Get ready!

December 8th, 2012

Hello Greenzoners!
How’s the winter going? Are you prepared to send invitations to your friends? 😀

Every new user you invite is your chance of winning valuable prizes!

Get ready!

This time we can see summer in Latvia – thanks to the user MazafakaRU! 🙂

Summer in Latvia

The picture shows River Daugava. 😉

Good morning Greenzoners! 😀
Thank you for participating in Spring Wave Contest!
Now we can greet all new Greenzoner users who will share their experience with us. 🙂