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Hello Greenzoners! Do you like dogs? 😉
And another question – how much do you know about the issue of lost dogs, who can’t find an owner and place to live?

Moldovian dog
It’s actually a huge problem in Moldova – our fellow user Wasea wrote an article about it, you really need to read it! (more…)

Good evening and hello! Another article for you to read – this one tells about the topic of preserving environment and living ecological lifestyle in Moldova, written by Ştirbu.
Author gives some important basic information and then shows some good tips and advice.

Red Book of Moldova
You can read this article here (it’s in english!). 🙂

Have a nice reading. Let us know in the comments what do you think of it! 😀

Dear Greenzoner! Because of not being updated, we had to disable all two Pakistani blogs.
Message to the owners – your blogs lack only few newest posts from Greenzoner’s blog, can update it and you can be back into contest. Also, we disabled blogs from Moldova.
One blog is updated ( ), but we need at least two blogs per country, to let the country partake. So, please update other Moldavian blogs or create new, so that Moldova  will be back into contest. 🙂

Result of the contest #3

October 23rd, 2011

Are you ready to know the answer? 🙂